Gemma Gylling Workshop
Sept 2013

    CPSA 117 worked with the Flagler County Art
    League to put together a fabulous two day (sold out)
    workshop featuring Gemma Gylling - a world
    renowned artist and author.  

    Gemma is best known for her work on animals and
    specializes in wild animals.  To research her
    subjects, she has visited many sanctuaries
    throughout the US and has visited Africa to
    observe animals in their natural habitats.  Her
    favorite is wild cats and she has had many pieces
    juried into shows, including the prestigious CPSA
    national shows.  

    She is a CPSA signature artist and a published
    author, and made the trek to Palm Coast to share
    her techniques with a sold out crowd of excited pencil artists.

    The subject of choice was a Maine Coon cat, and we worked on a
    close-up of its head. Gemma did demonstrations of many specialized
    techniques, including how to make "'wet" eyes, shiny fur, textured
    noses and realistic whiskers.  Participants were very excited and
    worked diligently (often through the excellent lunches provided by
    FCAL) from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  

    After the demos, Gemma would come and work with each person to
    help refine their techniques and guide the color choices.  Everyone
    came away with a great rendition of the cat and some new expertise to
    apply to their own works.
The reception at Julie Karner's
on the evening before the
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