CPSA 117 Scholarship Winner
Ashley Garren
    scholarship committee to be the recipient of
    this year’s CPSA Chapter117 scholarship in
    the amount of $500.  Her drawing of an eye
    with a teardrop and reflections of the twin
    towers in New York City won her first place in
    the Matanzas High School Art show.  She also
    won first place awards last year for her
    sculptures of a guitar and a dog.  She has not
    yet chosen a college, but is considering a
    degree in graphic design combined with art
    to allow her to pursue her interests.

    Ashley is very passionate about her art and
    uses drawing, sculpture, painting and
    photography to express her many creative
    ideas.  When asked if she was influenced by any particular artists she said
    that most of her ideas come from her own imagination and she
    has developed her own unique styles.  She has been drawing since she
    was a child and likes
    to carry a sketchbook
    with her to capture
    those momentary
    inspirations.  She
    works in charcoals
    and watercolors and
    has said animals are
    one of her favorite
    subjects.  Two years
    of art classes in
    drawing, sculpture
    and photography
    have helped her refine
    her techniques, and she hopes to use those skills to combine with
    specialized computer technology, with the hope of landing a job in
    computer graphic design.  (Ashley said that being a Disney imagineer
    would be a dream job for her).

    When asked if she would replace the pencil and paint with technology she
    answered with an emphatic “No!”  Ashley said she will always draw and
    use other art mediums to express her
    creative inner self.  

    Her senior quote was “Be the
    change you want to see in the world,”
    and she is ready to use her art to help
    make some of those changes.
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