Chapter Membership Benefits:
  • Networking with other colored pencil artists
  • Participation in sketch groups
  • Member discount rate for local workshops
  • Chapter newsletter
  • Opportunities for exhibits and event participation

    A member of the local CPSA DC117 St. Augustine Chapter must also be
    a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.

    The benefits of CPSA membership are worth it:
    •  A national newsletter, To The Point, twice yearly.
    •  Product research, pigment identification, lightfast information
    •  Lower entry fee for annual CPSA exhibitions
    •  Lower rate for workshops at CPSA Convention
    •  International membership networking directory
    •  District Chapters for local and regional networking
    •  Free link to your website
    •  Ability to earn Signature status
    •  NOTE: Only CPSA members who have attained Signature Status may use the    
    initials CPSA or CPX after their name.

    For online CPSA membership, click here
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