Mary Florence Lee

    Though I dabbled in art most of my life, it wasn't until I retired from teaching that I started to take painting and drawing seriously.  Over the years I had done some pastel.  Watercolor became my first interest both in Kentucky and here in Florida in winters before moving permanently.

    When I discovered colored pencil at a meeting of CPSA 117 at the library, I was fascinated with what is possible to create with a simple pencil!  I took some classes locally and workshops at national conventions. I have tried different papers and pencil types.  Most of my recent work has been of animal life.  I have also tried combining different mediums with colored pencil, mostly watercolor and pen and ink.

    I feel that colored pencil is gaining acceptance as a serious art form and that there is so much to learn from fascinating artists in this field.  Our pencil artists are very open to new ideas and sharing techniques - it is never dull and there is always that next project I'm anxious to start."

    When I'm not working with colored pencil, I am painting en plein air.  But even there I am experimenting much as I do with pencils, having worked in pastel, watercolor, oil and acrylic.  Am still trying to find a way to use pencil en plein air with a reasonable speed......watercolor pencils and a waterbrush?    

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