CPSA 117 Exhibit
January 2018
Peabody Rose Room Daytona

    An exhibit of CPSA 117 member art work at the Peabody Rose Room, Daytona
    Beach for the month of January 2018  

    Advance registration required.  Deadline for applications:  December 15, 2017

    Set up day:  Tuesday Jan. 2, drop off 10:30 - 11:00 AM

    Opening reception:  Thursday Jan. 4, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

    Pick up art:  Wednesday Jan. 31, 10:00 - 10:30 AM

    CPSA 117 members only, no charge for entry.  You may enter up to 4 pieces.   Artwork must
    be at least 75% colored pencil,  and must have been created after December 2014, and not shown
    previously at the Peabody Rose Room.

    All frames must be wired (center of wire should reach 2" from the top of the frame) and ready
    to hang.  No clip-frames allowed.  

    *Peabody Rose Room will receive a 20% commission on sales.

    Only original works, created entirely by the participant, from conception to execution will be eligible.  
    Entries may not be copies of, or be derived, in whole or in part, from another artist's work.

    Artists must pick up their artwork as per schedule or make alternative arrangements by presenting a
    signed written release at check in.  Pieces not picked up at the designated
    time and place will not be the responsibility of the chapter.

    Insuring artwork is the responsibility of the artist.

    Workshop Refund Policy:
    There will be no refund of the deposit portion of the payment, unless workkshop is cancelled by the Chapter.  A refund of the balance may
    be possible in cases of extreme emergency.  For non-emergencies, if there is a waiting list and the vacancy can be filled, a refund of the
    balance may be possible.  If the vacancy cannot be filled, there will be no rufund of the balance.  All decisions regarding refunds will be
    made at the discretion of the Board of Directors of DC 117.  
You will be required to sign the following waiver when you deliver your artwork to
the Peabody.  Your initials at right indicate that you have read this.  If you are not
going to deliver your artwork personally, you must make arrangements to sign the
paper in advance

In registering below and checking the box at right, I certify that I am the original creator of the artwork and agree
to the above rules.

I agree to assume all responsibility for the artwork I have placed on display and further agree I shall not hold the
Colored Pencil Society of America, Inc., the Peabody Rose Room or the St Augustine DC 117 liable for loss or
damage to any such artwork should the situation arise.
Entry 1 Title
Framed Size
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Entry 2 Title
Framed Size
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Entry 3 Title
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Entry 4 Title
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