Dale Whaley

    As with most artists, Dale works in multiple media but
    prefers colored pencil for the level of detail she can
    achieve in her art.  Dale, and her husband Don, are
    avid Koi Keepers and water gardeners so it comes as
    no surprise that her artistic subjects can be seen in
    real life right in their own backyard.  To the Koi Keeper
    in her, Dale wasn’t happy with the body shapes and
    scale formations she saw in oil and water color work.
    And kept looking until the switch to colored pencil
    brought out the intricate body shapes and precise
    scale formations Koi keepers across the country
    have come to appreciate.  Her work can be found in
    Koi enthusiast homes throughout the country and
    has been featured in Koi USA, an internationally
    recognized trade journal for the Koi professional
    and hobbyist.

    After being persuaded to produce drawings of favorite
    koi for a few friends, Dale and Don turned her art into a
    small business, Whaley’s Fish Lips, that features Dale’s
    work in fine art, reproductions, and decorative items.  
    Dale produces new art regularly which can be seen at
Tomawari Suru.
Glass House
Togo Suru
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