John Robak

    His work explores the textures of everyday life, but in a historical
    context. He frequents period re-enactments because of his interest in
    history. But these events also inspire his work. By focusing his art on these
    re-enactors and historic sites, Mr. Robak is able to transport his viewers
    back in time to view the common threads of human nature. In doing so, he
    celebrates the ordinary, women cooking at an open fire, Spanish soldiers
    on watch at an outpost, the faces of a sharecropper or a Seminole warrior.
    He enjoys depicting the mundane tasks of colonial life that are not often
    found in the chapters of history texts. More of his historical illustrations
    can be viewed at

    John Robak is a retired art instructor. During his career he taught courses
    in drawing, painting, cartooning, graphic design, crafts, film-making, film
    history, art history, and photography at the secondary level and drawing
    as a college adjunct. He has taught in academic and community art group
    settings and has tutored as well. Sales of his work have included murals,
    pen and ink drawings, architectural renderings in graphite, colored pencil,
    and acrylics on canvas. In addition, he authored Easy Lessons In Graphic
    Arts for a Maine publisher. As Department Head of Humanities in a New
    England high school, he taught courses in American and European literature,
    grammar, and writing.

    Mr. Robak lives in Palm Coast with his supportive wife, Margaret, and a
    tuxedo cat named Willie.
Blue Farewell
Grape Arbor
Avilas Street
Aunt Millie's Hat
Seminole Warrior
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