Melissa Nece workshop
Nov. 10, 2013

    nationally known colored pencil artist Melissa Miller Nece
    presented a workshop on how to draw water and waves.  Hosted
    been juried into the national shows eleven times.  Her specialty is
    drawing magnificent landscapes centered on beaches in the
    Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.  Families play in the waves
    and surfers ride the crests with sprays trailing them – all brought to
    life with the magic of her pencils.

    Melissa shared some of those techniques with a packed room of
    excited pencil artists.  They learned how to capture the frothy foam
    of a breaking wave as well as the gentle swells of the rolling surf.  
    She presented a slideshow of photos, zooming in on some of the
    characteristics of the water, along with live demonstrations of how
    to replicate that movement on paper.  Each participant got
    personal attention as Melissa went around the room encouraging
    the artists and making suggestions.  It was oceans of fun, and
    everyone came away with some new ideas and a greater
    appreciation of the water that surrounds us.
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