Hanneke Jevons

    Hanneke, one of our founding local CP
    chapter members, is a dedicated artist and
    retired art teacher.
           She received her BFA degree from the
    University of Denver and her Masters
    degree from Kansas State University.
    During her past 38 years in education, she
    has served as a guidance counselor,
    assistant principal, an elementary school
    principal and a High school Art Teacher.  
           Her art background includes
    photography, pen and ink, oil and acrylic
    painting, printmaking,
    scratchboard and her great love - graphite
    pencil  and colored pencil drawing

    Official acknowledgement of her artistic
    talent began in  1982.  She is recognized for
    her detailed artwork that captures the
    liveliness and spirit of nature and animal

    In 1995 she met Art Lamay in a workshop in
    Maine.  This meeting greatly inspired her to
    photograph and draw from her own
    experiences and travels.

    During the past year she has won several
    1st place awards for her colored pencil,
    mixed media and photography.These can
    be seen on the web site.
    She is available for private and group
    lessons, as well.
    Her website:  hannekejevonsartist.com
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