I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio.  I moved to
    Palm Coast in 2005 to be near my daughter and
    grandchildren.  Although I have always been
    interested in all types of arts and crafts, I have
    never considered myself an artist until recently.  

    Throughout my life I have experimented with all
    types of art.  I enjoy learning.  My friends tease
    me about having every art instruction book ever
    written, especially those that give examples of how
    to accomplish a technique.  I always enjoy taking
    on a new form of art, even though I may not succeed!

    I have taken so many art courses in my life, that I
    can no longer keep count.  Do you want to learn
    about one-stroke painting?  I can tell you.  How
    about sewing a hobo purse?  I can help and I have
    a book about it.

    My art tends to be detailed and I try to capture my love of flowers and my garden.  I
    see the artistry of nature as an inspiration for my work.  My interest in colored pencil
    has helped me to express my love of nature.  Learning colored pencil has been an exciting
    experience.  I have not only learned an art form that I have come to love, but made very
    special friends.

    As I continue to grow and learn new technique sin colored pencil, I hope to move to other
    subjects, such as landscapes and portraits.  My colored pencil life has only just begun!
Joyce Houck
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