Bob Grayson
     pencil medium some ten years ago while visiting the
     annual CPSA National Show in Birmingham, Michigan.  
     After experimenting with several
     brands of pencils and surfaces over
     a period of time  I settled on
     Prismacolor pencils and mylar as a
     surface and have stayed with them
     ever since.

     For artistic focus I enjoy taking
     simple everyday objects and placing
     them in some sort of dramatic
     setting so that the viewer sees the
     subject matter in a unique and
     interesting way.

     Over the past several years I have
     been fortunate enough to have won
     numerous awards for my work and
     was recently published in design
     artist Steven Aimone's book
     "Expressive Drawing" for my
     picture, "A Bowl of Lemons".  Besides being a member
     of CPSA Chapter #117 I am currently President of
     the Artists' Workshop Inc. in New Smyrna Beach,
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