I moved to Palm Coast from Stony Brook, Long Island, New York in 2000 with
    my husband, Peter.  I grew up on Long Island and developed a love for nature
    and the water.  I attended college at Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, and
    graduated with a B.A. degree in Landscape Design.
    I did drafting for a landscaping firm, but soon
    realized I didn't like being tied to a drafting
    table and indoors all day.  After a while I was
    out in the field going to different jobs, and
    loved it!  I eventually ended up with my own
    retail floral business for 16 years.  At that
    point my husband was retiring and we ended
    up in Palm Coast.  We had visited Palm Coast
    some time ago on a vacation trip to see family
    and friends.  

    My love for color and nature brought me to art.
    I started to take Adlt Ed classes with Bill
    Shoemaker, and I have enjoyed colored pencil
    ever since.  

    I enjoy drawing landscapes; and I enjoy drawing
    animals the most.  I like the details I can achieve   
                                                   with the pencils.  
Joan Franchi
    I love the fact that I can pick up my pencils,
    draw a little and then be able to walk away
    Currently I am working on a sleeping cat
    picture.  Of course it is an on-going
    challenge.  I enjoy participating in our local
    chapter of CPSA.  The sketch groups and
    meetings always recharge me.  I love the
    helpful suggestions I receive from the other
    members.  I encourage everyone to
    participate, and invite others, to our among
    friends to be shared.
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