Kathi Darby
    Kathi is both a photographer and a colored
    pencil artist.  While she exhibits her
    award-winning photos locally and will have
    four of them published in a wildlife art
    book May 2015 at Schiffer Publishing, some
    of them are also her source material for
    colored pencil paintings.  She and husband
    Mike enjoy visiting parks and nature
    preserves...and Kathi comes home with
    hundreds of pictures.

    She has been drawing and painting since
    childhood and is largely self-taught.  She
    was a teacher of gifted students in the
    public schools for 13 years and says she
    used a lot of art in those classes.   (She also plays drums with a band in

    Her favorite medium seems to be colored pencil and her favorite subjects are
    birds.  She loves to paint most animals, tho, and has also done alligators,
    squirrels and a cow.  She has won numerous awards locally.  Kathi is
    notable for expressing herself in vibrant
    colors, no matter what color is in the source
    photo or the animal itself!  

    She hosts the Wednesday afternoon Wine,
    Women, and Whatever at FCAL.  This get-
    together is both a chat session and a hands-on
    work event where most of the women are
    doing colored pencil.  Kathi encourages anyone
    who wants to join them to check the FCAL
    website class list for dates.  

    Kathi lists her artistic influences as MC
    Escher, Salvador Dali, the Impressionists,
    Matisse, Eric Carle, Peter Max and all the
    local artists who help her learn techniques and improve her work.  
    She stays very active in FCAL and the local colored pencil chapter, being a
    willing volunteer for many activities.
Uncertain Future
In the Swamp
On the Prowl
Young Lion
On the Prowl
Drawn to Scale
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