About Us
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Pencil Chapter.  All right reserved

    We as a chapter are part of the national group, CPSA, the
    Colored Pencil Society of America. It was founded over twenty
    years ago and grew into an organization that now has a yearly
    International Convention and Exhibition in various cities across
    the country.  This International Convention brings members
    together annually to network with other artists across the country,
    attend the membership meeting, attend the Exhibition and
    Awards Banquet, and take workshops from notable artists in
    this field. Members who cannot attend this convention, are
    able to see the judged results of the competition on the CPSA
    website and through the CPSA publication.
    There are also Chapters in Gainesville and Ft. Lauderdale.  
    Anyone who is interested is welcomed at our meetings - no
    experience necessary!  Many people get started in this medium
    after going to one meeting or show.  They are fascinated with
    the vast possibilities of colored pencil.  Our Chapter also sponsors
    workshops with nationally-known artists to help us learn new
    techniques and refine our skills.
    The St. Augustine chapter was originally formed by
    Hanneke Jevons and Bill Shoemaker and during that first year gained
    nine members.  Most resided in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach but
    membership now has expanded to other areas in Florida and out
    of state.  We meet in the Palm Coast area, having 3rd Sunday meetings and        
    sketch sessions.  The CPSA DC117 Chapter of St Augustine was
    officially recognized and voted in by CPSA at the CPSA International
    Convention in 2005 held in Chicago.
    In addition to our Sunday meetings and sketch sessions, we host workshops.  
    We have had 
many talented artists to learn from:  Jeffrey Baisden (twice),
    Ann Kulberg, Priscilla Humay, 
Melissa Miller Nece, Hanneke Jevons, Bill
    Shoemaker, Kristy 
Kutch, Sheila Theodoratus,  Gemma Gylling, Debbie Hook, Bonnie
    Haney, Denise Howard and CJ Worlein.

    While we are a small group, we wish to share our talents and colored pencil art
    information. We welcome all interested artists to attend one of our meetings.